January (1)

There’s a particular stretch of the river that I love as it winds it’s way up towards Melton.


From one side at this bend you can see the boatyard with it’s tangle of rigging, masts, hoists and crane. On the other, an expanse of mud too deep for boats to navigate. This is the home of Lapwing, Gulls, Knot, Oyster Catchers and Little Egrets. As the tide comes in and the water envelops the gulleys and mudflats, they fly up in flocks, the Knot especially, twisting and turning in looping formations that skim the water.  The Lapwing, as seen below, fly slower, alternating from black to white as they turn, looking for somewhere to settle.


I love the juxtaposition of the noise and clamour of the working boatyard with this wild place. It is a place I return to time and time again to sketch, and it is the subject I have chosen loosely to portray in my painting.

sketches in the studio


Author: paintersdiary157226321

Painter, Suffolk Coast

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