February (1)

Today the sunlight is streaming through the windows of the studio. The tide is high and choppy and the wind is strong, rattling the halyards of the boats and creating an unearthly holler that whistles round the boatyard like a banshee. The sun shimmering on the water is dazzling and when I turn back to look at the painting it takes time to adjust to it’s subtle colours and tones.

Today, with the background now dry, I’m tackling another layer. Along with some thinner layers over the whole thing, I now need to add some thick impasto layers where the suggestion of the boatyard would be. It’s a little daunting as once dry these thicker textural areas are there for good and will shape the composition of the final piece.


Often the messiest stage of the painting, I am adding layers that you only want a glimpse of when the final coat goes on. Brushes ready I turn up the stereo and begin to mix the bowls of paint.

Studio tunes of the day –  music to lose yourself in! :

James Blackshore ‘Cross’

Fever Ray ‘Coconut’


Author: paintersdiary157226321

Painter, Suffolk Coast

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