February (2)

I cycle to the studio along the tow path through mud and puddles. It’s freezing in the studio. No matter though, another jumper and a big flask of hot coffee does the trick. I gently touch the painting. Still wet. No work on the big painting today.

damp day on the river

It’s one of those February days where the air is damp and still and it never feels like it has truly gotten light. The calls of the Oyster Catchers, Redshank and Curlew are eerie in the gloom. Later in the day as it starts to get dark, the trees on the other side of the river turn a deep slate blue and the white hulls of the bats in the yard gleam even brighter in a fleeting moment before the light vanishes. I love painting the river when it is on the cusp of nightfall, or since I have had my daughter, seeing the sunrise. At these times the river takes on a special quality as the day slips into night or that first gleam of light as another day begins.

wintry gloom

Studio tunes of the day: Satie: Gnossiennes – 1. Lent

Kate Bush: And Dream Of  Sheep


Author: paintersdiary157226321

Painter, Suffolk Coast

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